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The Radio LUMS society is a labour of love by a group of enthusiastic Luminites, all of whom embody a passion for the many ways radio can be utilised to do good in, and for, society at large. A representation of LUMS, it aims to showcase a multitude of themes, encompassing education and entertainment. Launched in 2021, our team was tested to its limits in launching a fully functioning society, built from scratch amidst the uncertainties surrounding the pandemic. The crux of Radio LUMS is a clear one: we stand for diversity and inclusivity. Our vision is to do away with boundaries within the LUMS community and to do so in a holistic and sustainable manner.


To have a LUMS community without boundaries. To create a holistic space for the many forms of educational, intellectual, and artistic expression.  


Radio LUMS aims to provide quality bilingual programming for the community through its diverse team comprised of LUMS' student body. Our motto of ‘connecting the community’ depicts our vision to serve the community by bridging differences and disagreements, as we feel it is our corporate social responsibility.


  1. To provide an opportunity to the LUMS community to engage in knowledge-based and informative discussions with intellectuals and professionals alike, thus contributing to academia country and worldwide through this platform.
  2. To provide a safe place for students to express themselves and carry out nuanced discourse.