Muhammad Zaheer is a dedicated faculty member at the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), where he strives to make a positive impact in the field of catalysis, sustainable chemistry and materials. 

Prof. Zaheer's research focuses on the discovery and development of advanced functional materials, particularly metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) and derived materials, for sustainable synthesis, renewable energy and environmental remediation. His expertise encompasses a range of sophisticated spectroscopic and analytical techniques, including IR, UV-VIS, NMR, XPS, and gas adsorption, allowing him to explore the intricacies of structure-property relationships.

As an Assistant Professor at LUMS, Prof. Zaheer is deeply committed to the academic growth and success of his students. He takes great pride in mentoring and supervising research students at various levels, contributing to their development as aspiring researchers.

Beyond his academic pursuits, Prof. Zaheer actively contributes to fostering a safe research environment. For five years, he led the Departmental Safety Committee, making significant strides in promoting safety awareness through the creation of safety manuals, quizzes, and biannual safety seminars.

His dedication to scientific outreach is evident through his initiative in founding the International Student Chapter of the American Chemical Society at LUMS. By participating in prestigious science festivals like the Lahore Science Mela, he effectively demonstrates the practical applications of chemistry and introduces the wonders of the nanoworld to the wider public.

Prof. Muhammad Zaheer's contributions to the field have garnered national recognition, as exemplified by his Research Productivity Award (2016) from the Pakistan Council for Science and Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology. Additionally, he is an accomplished researcher with over 35 published articles in reputed scientific journals, including Nature Communications and ACS Catalysis. 

His research excellence has also been acknowledged on the international stage, with presentations at prestigious events such as the ACS National Meetings


Title Publication Author Year
Exploration of morpholine-thiophene hybrid thiosemicarbazones for the treatment of ureolytic bacterial infections via targeting urease enzyme: Synthesis, biochemical screening and computational analysis Frontiers in Chemistry Munir R., Zaib S., Zia-ur-Rehman M., Javed H., Roohi A., Zaheer M., Fatima N., Bhat M.A., Khan I., 2024
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Mesoporous Silica (MCM-41) Containing Dispersed Palladium Nanoparticles as Catalyst for Dehydrogenation, Methanolysis, and Reduction Reactions ChemPlusChem Ul Huda N., Ul-Hamid A., Khan M.A., Shahida S., Zaheer M., 2023
Metal and metal oxide nanoparticles for photoelectrochemical bioanalysis Photoelectrochemical Bioanalysis: Fundamentals and Emerging Applications Huda N., Zaheer M., 2023
A pH-responsive bi-MIL-88B MOF coated with folic acid-conjugated chitosan as a promising nanocarrier for targeted drug delivery of 5-Fluorouracil Frontiers in Pharmacology Akbar M.U., Khattak S., Khan M.I., Saddozai U.A.K., Ali N., AlAsmari A.F., Zaheer M., Badar M., 2023
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Electrochemically Deposited Amorphous Cobalt-Nickel-Doped Copper Oxide as an Efficient Electrocatalyst toward Water Oxidation Reaction ACS Omega Asghar M.A., Ali A., Haider A., Zaheer M., Nisar T., Wagner V., Akhter Z., 2021
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A Facile Synthesis of FeCo Nanoparticles Encapsulated in Hierarchical N-Doped Carbon Nanotube/Nanofiber Hybrids for Overall Water Splitting ChemCatChem Aftab F., Duran H., Kirchhoff K., Zaheer M., Iqbal B., Saleem M., Arshad S.N., 2020
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